Your Records need an Anchor

KORTO is named after the famous sailor and dreamer, Hugo Pratt’s legendary Corto Maltese, to symbolise a reliable anchor for customers’ records. KORTO helps them to achieve compliance in a seamless, unintrusive, and enjoyable way.

Why Choose Us

KORTO is your friendly anchor and aid during the entire records lifecycle. With its advanced and seamless integration capabilities, KORTO can automatically detect and archive records from your current document management and line of business systems, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or any other system willing to talk to KORTO by using its APIs.

Simple but extremely powerful

KORTO will help you to easily create retention schedules for your records, in this way fulfilling business and legal requirements, and helping you to easily find and act on your records whenever you wish.

Using its powerful Cronos workflow engine, KORTO will execute actions associated with your retention schedules, such as record destruction. But you can also create retention extension procedures and destruction delays.


We make a living from being passionate, nice, and friendly, and we passed those traits to KORTO.

As nice friendly software, KORTO loves having friends. Therefore, it will have a strong partner ecosystem to support those customers who don’t have the time or resources to implement it on their own.

We invite you to get to know KORTO. We are sure it will become your best friend, if you give it a chance.

Adis Jugo

Developed with the latest state of the art technology, based on secure cloud systems and blockchain, our software is the future of record management systems.

Bernardin Katić