Records Management is difficult

Or maybe it is not, but has merely been perceived as such. It was always that thing which was needed in order meet legal requirements, but at the same time was difficult and expensive to implement, and was actively disliked by most employees, who viewed it as an unnecessary overhead and yet another chore to be added to their busy daily schedules.

This complexity has resulted in many European companies, especially SMEs, not being compliant with European Union (EU) records management regulations, which were recently further affected by the introduction of strict privacy laws.




KORTO is the result of an entirely different vision.

KORTO was born from the premise that Records Management is your friend. It stands by you when you must find that one document from a project that was archived many years ago. It helps you to destroy, at the proper time, any private records you may hold about employees, customers, and partners. It is your best aid in all litigation and audit scenarios.

How did we do it?

We have been analysing the difficulties our customers have with current Records Management systems. We have been hearing about their needs and their secret wishes. We have been talking to the industry and to legal experts in the EU and in Switzerland, to ensure that we’re not missing something. We have been recruiting our customers for pilot projects, to make sure that they enjoy using KORTO and find it useful and friendly.

KORTO is European at its core: it came about through the joint efforts of people in Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, and Estonia. It is named after the famous sailor and dreamer, Hugo Pratt’s legendary Corto Maltese, to symbolise a reliable anchor for customers’ records. KORTO helps them to achieve compliance in a seamless, unintrusive, and enjoyable way.

KORTO’s best friends are Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Exchange, Google Workspace – and any other application willing to sail with and shake hands with KORTO, using its APIs. It lives as an SaaS in Microsoft Azure, and it uses Microsoft’s latest AI technologies to help customers get to know their records. Being a cloud-based SaaS application, it is affordable and available to everyone, with just a few clicks. Really, to everyone.

KORTO is nice and friendly. It inherited its personality from its parents: Insa Group and Südwind. We make a living from being passionate, nice, and friendly, and we passed those traits to KORTO.

As nice friendly software, KORTO loves having friends. Therefore, it will have a strong partner ecosystem to support those customers who don’t have the time or resources to implement it on their own.
We invite you to get to know KORTO. We are sure it will become your best friend, if you give it a chance.