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Announcing KORTO and skybow technology partnership: 5 main reasons why you should integrate a records management with your low-code/no-code platform

Announcing KORTO and skybow technology partnership: 5 main reasons why you should integrate a records management with your low-code/no-code platform

April 11, 2024 | BY Adis Jugo

When envisioning KORTO, one of the main guidelines was always to have an "API First" approach. While this may sound technical and like a development principle, it is actually something else. We wanted any system to be able to easily integrate with KORTO and for KORTO to become the backend for any document-centric process in a company.


That's why we're proud to announce our technology partnership with skybow




is one of the leading no-code/low-code platforms built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform, with top-class forms and workflow builders. One of its capabilities has always been document generation. The idea is simple but ingenious: you gather and work with your data, model your business processes, and generate various documents as one of the outputs.


Where do these documents end up? In KORTO, that's where.


With KORTO actions integrated into the skybow workflow builder, users can easily

store documents generated by skybow in KORTO

, achieving proper records management and regulatory compliance with ease.


Integrating KORTO into skybow workflows brings many advantages.


Here are 5 major ones:



Enforcing regulatory compliance

: KORTO can help customers meet regulatory and legal requirements for storing and managing records, while skybow can help automate compliance-related processes. The integration of the two will ensure that all records management processes are compliant and that audit trails are maintained.



Streamlining processes and reducing risks

: Skybow customers can use forms and workflows to collect, edit, and create documents, then store the resulting documents directly into KORTO for security and compliance. This streamlines the entire process and eliminates the risks of manual data transfer.



Reducing time and costs

: Using skybow for data management and document generation, and KORTO for records management, security, and compliance, will significantly reduce development costs and minimize the need for technical resources.



Enhanced automation

: Integrating KORTO into skybow workflows can help customers automate key processes such as record creation, document storage, and information retrieval.



Increased collaboration

: The integration of skybow and KORTO can help facilitate collaboration between departments and teams by enabling real-time sharing of information and data, improving communication and decision-making.


In summary, integrating KORTO as a record management platform with


, one of the leading low-code/no-code platforms in the market, can help customers of both companies to streamline workflows, improve data management, enhance automation, and support compliance requirements, while reducing manual effort and errors.